Welcome to the Green Party's Campaign Toolkit!



This is where you can find resources and information to help you campaign for the 2017 general election campaign.

As a candidate, campaign manager, event organiser, door knock calling coordinator, recruiter, nationbuilder guru -  whatever you call yourself - you’re a key part to change the government this upcoming election. It’s a huge commitment, and we can’t thank you enough!

For that reason, we want to make your job as easy as possible.

The Green Party’s Campaign Toolbox has been made specifically for you, to help you and your team campaign to your best ability. You’ll find information to help you set up your campaign team, messaging and marketing information, scripts for calling and door knocking, tips for how to recruit, guides for how to use NationBuilder and CallHub and more.  

If you find you can see this page, but someone else key to your campaign cannot, please share this page with them. This will increase their permissions, allowing them to see slightly more. 

We’ll be adding to this page over the course of the election, so if you think anything major is missing, please email lauren.blackwell@greens.org.nz and let us know. 

As always, these documents are confidential and are to be kept within the Green Party. 

Electorate Campaign Planning

  • Roles and responsibilities to fill
  • Sarah and Lou's ground campaign intro from Candidate Training
  • Campaign Planning Guide
  • Electorate Campaign Planning Form


  • Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
  • Explanation of how Nationbuilder access works. 
  • Guides for Using Nationbuilder for
    • Volunteer Recruitment
    • Door Knocking
  • Troubleshooting  

Green Storms

  • Green Storm Timeline
  • Guide: How to create an Event on the Campaign Dashboard
  • Green Storm how-to 
  • Green Storm Script
  • Event Creation sheet


  •  Resources and Tips for building your campaign team

Calling (coming soon)

Door Knocking

  • What you need to get started door knocking. 
  • Up to date resources for door knocking

Enter Data

  • Enter Data after door knocking (soon to include stall and petition sign-ups!)

Communications and Marketing

  • DRAFT Messaging Guide for Green Party election campaign 2017
  • DRAFT Guide for Non-MP Spokespeople 2017
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Poster template
  • Free image library


IT Service Desk

  • For you and your team to let us know when you come across roadblocks, what needs improving, or for you to send your suggestions our way. 

Training the Trainer

  • Training resources so you can take on training your local volunteers

Province Resources

  • For you to put your own resources up for your own province. Email lauren.blackwell@greens.org.nz if you'd like one set-up for your own province. 
  • Aoraki Resources


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